Employee Onboarding

How Much is a Great Employee Onboarding Program Worth to You?

What’s it worth to your organization to have well-trained, productive employees who love their jobs, stay in them longer and are more likely to mentor future employees?

The answer is: a lot!

The onboarding process guides new hires from Day 1 to job productivity. The process encompasses learning the knowledge, skills and behaviors (KSB) required for the role and putting them into action.

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Employee Engagement

Can We Move the Needle on Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015 | Gallup

Although steady, U.S. employee engagement levels remained low in 2015. An average of 32% of workers were engaged in their jobs this past year, compared with 31.5% in 2014. Employee engagement levels largely have not moved since 2000.

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Employee Engagement


Recognition. Freedom. Purpose. The Foundation of Great Company Culture

I’ve been guiding my business through a growth spurt lately…It’s an exciting time, for sure.

Key to this next chapter are the people who’ve chosen to come along for the journey; people who I hope will share our sense of purpose and belonging, and who will ultimately help us succeed in leveraging travel as a force for global good. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about company culture these last few weeks, and the secret sauce that goes in to binding and building an engaged, passionate team.

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Using Technology to Drive Employee Engagement

It’s hard to find someone who will argue against the importance of employee engagement. An engaged employee feels a strong sense of connection with their work. And, when we feel that connection as an employee, we do better work. Anyone who’s worked at a job for longer than a couple months knows this to be true.

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What Great Managers Do Daily

So much depends upon managers. For example, a Gallup study found that at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores is driven by who the boss is.

This is disconcerting because the same research found that about 70% of people in management roles are not well equipped for the job. This state of affairs is hurting not just employee engagement and quality of life, but also corporate performance.

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