How to Make Your Employees Your Most Powerful Social Advocates


A Forbes study revealed that 72.6% of salespeople engaging in social selling outperform non-social media users, and exceed quota 23% more often.”

Do we have your attention? Thought so.

And the power of social selling is just one of five techniques for maximizing the power of social advocacy in your company spelled out in this very informative article. Others include:

  • Establishing employees as Thought Leaders
  • Driving Brand Awareness through “social word of mouth”
  • Increasing Lead Generation, and
  • Publicizing a Company Culture that attracts Top Talent and increases Employee Retention

Learn how to optimize the power of your existing communication platform to generate statistically superior results. These techniques are particularly applicable to Sales Teams. And  this article is from Salesforce — software that is commonly used in many companies today. But regardless of what comms software your company uses, the ideas still apply.

One case study company asserts that 78% of all their engagement is now driven by employee advocacy. That’s the kind of results you can’t afford to miss out on — especially when you probably already have the tool(s) at your disposal now.


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