How To Have A Successful Sales Meeting – Every Time

Sales Meetings

Most companies stage major sales meetings at least once a year. Some do them as often as quarterly. Senior management as well as Sales and Marketing usually attend these high-stakes meetings that often serve as a motivational boost for much of the company management team and are critical to implementing the company’s strategy successfully. It is your job to make these meetings a success. Welcome to the world of high stakes stress and pressure! We all want every meeting to be a smash hit with stakes like these but the simple truth is that all meetings won’t be a “10” – it just doesn’t work that way. Don’t worry. If you consistently hit an “8” or better you will probably be playing in the Sales Meeting World Series!

So how do you make sure every meeting is at least an “8”?

The folks at Selling Power Magazine know a thing or two about producing successful sales meetings and we think this article from Elaine Evans interview with John Mackenzie offers a lot of sound advice. Boiling it down, they suggest six key areas of focus to get the results you want.

The Six Key Areas of Focus for Successful Sales Meetings:
  1. When and Why: make sure you are having a meeting for the right reason at the right time
  2. Theme: it has to fit the situation YOUR sales team is facing right now
  3. Form vs Substance: avoid redundant messages at all costs
  4. Rehearse: yes, this means you, and everyone else presenting too. Do it BEFORE you leave town. No exceptions
  5. Anticipate the Worst: don’t just double check your technology at rehearsal – force yourself to have an entirely separate backup plan in place and ready to go
  6. The Unusual: it can be the difference maker, but be sure it is creative and not contrived
    Ready to put this advice to use in your meeting planning? Then check out these tips and get started on your planning now.

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