Your YouTube Videos Need Love (SEO Love) too!

SEO tips for YouTube Videos

There’s a lot more to creating an effective presence for your brand on YouTube than just posting informative videos. Helping potential customers find your videos is critical. To do that, you need to apply a little “SEO love” when creating and posting the videos. Start with the title — what are the key search words that come to mind when a potential customer is thinking about the problem they are trying to solve? Creative? Content Marketing? Lead Generation? How about things like “Effective Communication” or “Employee Engagement”? Use these words in your title to improve the chances that your video will be displayed when your potential customer is searching for solutions.

And don’t forget about the thumbnail. In this case, a picture is worth at least a thousand words (the word count limit YouTube sets for video descriptions) and custom production of a unique picture for your thumbnail is proven to outperform the video screenshots YouTube will suggest for you. Custom production is worth the trouble. And speaking of those descriptions, remember, your viewers are looking for a video — not a novel! So keep that word count down. Instead of posting the screenplay for the video, focus on those keywords that will drive SEO and views. The same goes for other chances to drop in copy like tags, subtitles and closed captions. Check out this article for the specifics on how to lavish your next video with SEO love!

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