Maximizing the Impact of Visuals in your Content Marketing

Human beings are wired for visual content. For millennia we’ve used visual cues to understand the world around us and relied on imagery to communicate complicated ideas quickly and clearly. As a result, our brains typically process visual information 60,000 times faster than text . So, if your audience is human, your content marketing needs to be visual.

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Online Onboarding can improve the experience

According to Aberdeen Group’s 2014 research , only 32% of companies have a formal onboarding process in place. With so much depending on the success of newcomers’ induction – work efficiency, job satisfaction, and ultimately, staff retention — why is the figure so low? Perhaps, the answer is in the organizational complexity of onboarding. HR and line managers have to come together to help hires assimilate and ramp them up to full productivity in the shortest time possible.

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10 of the Best SEO Resources to Bookmark

These days, it seems like most marketing jobs require at least a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. Even writers need to know about it — gone are the days, it seems, of simply composing with words. We have to know how to rank, build links, and yield traffic.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of sites for learning SEO, fear not — Hubspot has put together a list of some of the most comprehensive resources out there. Check them out!


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Guide to B2B Content Marketing

The best content isn’t really that great unless it can be found, consumed, and acted upon by buyers. That is why an effective content marketing programme is customer-centric and incorporates data from SEO, insights about format and topics from social media, topical relevance of content from buyer persona research, and awareness of what effect media and influencers can have on buyers’ research and purchasing decisions. Find out how to put processes in place.

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