Can We Move the Needle on Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015 | Gallup

Although steady, U.S. employee engagement levels remained low in 2015. An average of 32% of workers were engaged in their jobs this past year, compared with 31.5% in 2014. Employee engagement levels largely have not moved since 2000.

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Using Technology to Drive Employee Engagement

It’s hard to find someone who will argue against the importance of employee engagement. An engaged employee feels a strong sense of connection with their work. And, when we feel that connection as an employee, we do better work. Anyone who’s worked at a job for longer than a couple months knows this to be true.

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The Vanguard vs. the Guardians: How Leaders Can Reframe Resistance to Change

The solution is to reframe how we (the “vanguard”) think about resistance. Rather than assuming critical thinkers are resistors, we would do better to treat them as guardians . Guardians see what needs to be protected, and the trust that can be destroyed by a broken promise or a shortcut. Who else will ask the hard questions? Guardians keep us honest in the face of self-delusion or blind spots.

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Leaders: Mental Images or Real People?

Great leaders, especially in large organizations, aren’t really people. They’re mental images.

They may be flesh and blood to the senior team and the assistants in the C-suite, but to people in outer orbits, from operational departments to business units, they are imaginary constructs. Employees create pictures of what leaders seem to be, based on the bosses’ accumulated emails, tweets, speeches, and videos, plus whatever tidbits are picked up here and there. Learn ways to improve your leadership communications.

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Effective Workplace Communication and How to Get It

Your business depends on effective internal communication to run efficiently, but this is easier said than done.

With new channels and applications emerging all the time, employees face a bewildering set of choices. Matching the message to the solution is becoming increasingly important otherwise, you end up with missing information and missed opportunities.

Let’s start with the obvious issues.

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How to Put Interactive Content To Work on your Website

Interactive content (i.e., online assessments, calculators, and quizzes) helps B2B marketers shift from explaining to conversing.

Don’t be one of the 56% of marketers who aren’t benefiting from interactive content. Evaluate how interactive content can help you generate, prioritize, and deliver high-quality leads. It will serve you well.

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