Complacency: The Difference Between Management and Leadership

One of the most damaging things a much-needed organizational transformation effort faces is complacency. Complacency is rampant in many of today’s organizations mainly due to over-managed and under-led cultures. That’s why it is important to note that there is a distinct difference between leadership and management, especially in the context of companies facing adaptive challenges.

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The Vanguard vs. the Guardians: How Leaders Can Reframe Resistance to Change

The solution is to reframe how we (the “vanguard”) think about resistance. Rather than assuming critical thinkers are resistors, we would do better to treat them as guardians . Guardians see what needs to be protected, and the trust that can be destroyed by a broken promise or a shortcut. Who else will ask the hard questions? Guardians keep us honest in the face of self-delusion or blind spots.

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7 Tips for Preparing for Change Communications

Engaging workplace change can be an unpredictable experience because processes and people evolve in diverse ways as they undergo change.

These tips show you how to stay on top of the change engagement process by thoroughly preparing for it, while allowing for various outcomes. These tips allow you to take a structured approach to organizational change and still maintain flexibility.

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How to Achieve Better Business Communications

Effective communications are essential for any change management initiative to succeed, because all businesses are based on their people and how well they interact. Given that context, here are five tips for achieving better communications, based on practitioner experience and benchmarking data taken from

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