The Vanguard vs. the Guardians: How Leaders Can Reframe Resistance to Change

The solution is to reframe how we (the “vanguard”) think about resistance. Rather than assuming critical thinkers are resistors, we would do better to treat them as guardians . Guardians see what needs to be protected, and the trust that can be destroyed by a broken promise or a shortcut. Who else will ask the hard questions? Guardians keep us honest in the face of self-delusion or blind spots.

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Effective Workplace Communication and How to Get It

Your business depends on effective internal communication to run efficiently, but this is easier said than done.

With new channels and applications emerging all the time, employees face a bewildering set of choices. Matching the message to the solution is becoming increasingly important otherwise, you end up with missing information and missed opportunities.

Let’s start with the obvious issues.

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Transforming Your Remote Workforce Into a Collaborative Unit Takes Effective Communication

Business owners, like myself, certainly understand the importance of being able to work cohesively with their team, whether it be in an onsite or remote business location.

Effective communication is vital to the success of distributed teams. It helps build trust and creates an environment where creative ideas and problem-solving are welcomed and encouraged. When there is no open communication, miscommunication or misunderstanding is often the result, causing conflict and frustration among team members.

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Making Your Corporate Narrative Your Employee’s Narrative

Most firms would benefit from a better corporate narrative. At base, it is a way of giving everyone who works with or for the company a shared sense of purpose, and for customers and others to understand what the company is trying to achieve.

The problem is that, at a time when near constant change makes this kind of message so important for discouraged and unsure employees, companies find it harder than ever to create a single, compelling story that cuts through the noise.

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Guide to the Best Channels To Support Your Business Objectives

It pays to stop and think, and work out which channel will support the business objective you’re trying to achieve.

It’s easy to fall back on certain preferred communications channels. The guide will help you think about selecting a channel based on the purpose of your communication and your understanding of the audience. It will also help you to consider what information is best communicated through different channels and weigh the pros and cons of each.

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